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What's the difference?

All in two nappies (AI2)

The Modern Cloth Nappy (MCN) Basics (Minky outer) nappies are a simpler nappy and hence cheaper for us to manufacture as there are less features. They snap down along the front to adjust the sizing which means they usually fit from about 3/3.5kg through to 22kg. They also have much softer elastics which are great for chubby thighs and older children as less prone to leaving marks on the skin but don't tend to last as long as the elastic used in our higher quality nappies. They can be purchased with either a microfiber or bamboo snap-in insert. Bamboo is definitely a better option and much more popular but does take longer to dry and won't last forever like microfiber does. $24.95 for bamboo basics in prints.
The outer fabric for our Basics nappies is a super soft velour like "Minky" fabric.
The One Size Options (OSO),(smooth outer) nappies have double gussets sewn into the inside of the nappy for added leak protection and have more buttons/snaps, including our Newborn row of snaps, inside the nappy. These nappies fold to fit each size, no bulky snap down which can be more easily undone when putting on the nappy or by the baby when the nappy is full! The newborn row of snaps allows this nappy to fit from approximately 2.5kg whereas the Basics fit from approximately 3-3.5kg. The Options nappy also has 2 rows of snaps which allow for adjusting the waist and legs separately if needed. My youngest often needed a bit more space around her belly after a feed. Similar to undoing your jeans button ;).
These nappies come standard with bamboo. $29.95 each for one size Options.

Pros and Cons of AI2s

  • snap in inserts can somtimes be replaced reusing the shell
  • spare inserts to shells reduces the initial outlay
  • parts of the nappy can be replaced more easily
  • extra guards for double protection in Options nappies
  • slightly bulkier than AIOs
  • time spent preparing snapping together nappies

All in One nappies (AIO)(smooth outer)

Easy One size (EOS) nappies are identical to the One Size Options shell, however instead of the insert being completely removable they come with sewn-in inserts which flip out for fast drying time and absorbency customisation options. They also have a mini booster which can be removed for a newborn and put back in for an older child. This means these nappies are trimmer, in particular less bulky on a newborn. AIO nappies tend to be prefered as they are easier to use. While snapping in inserts for the AI2 nappies isn't that time consuming, its like pairing socks, not hard, but if you can avoid doing it???
These nappies are our one size fits most (OSFM aka birth to potty, BTP) version of the super popular super trim and easy, Easy Dry nappies. Easy One Size nappies are $34.95 each.
The Easy Dry (ED) nappies are our sized nappies for day time and are identical in features to the Easy One Size however they come in specific sizes. Newborn/small (2-5.5/6kg), Medium (4.5-10.5kg) and large (9.5-16kg). They are much trimmer than the OSFM versions and much easier to use however your child will grow out of them and you need to then purchase the next size up. My daughter fit the newborn size until roughly 3 months and then the medium she can still fit into now at 12 months although we have now moved to the large size as her little cousin needed the mediums.
The Easy Dry nappies also all come with their own little wetbags. From $24.95 each.

Pros and Cons of AIOs

  • trimmer fit
  • easier
  • no thinking, 1 piece on, 1 piece off, 
  • no checking how clean or what is clean enough, separating re snaping etc
  • 1 piece to hang out, bring in, then its just ready to go!
  • Easy Dry nappies come with a nappy sized wet-bag
  • EOS comes with a mini booster
  • extra guards for double protection, both EOS and ED
  • can't easily replace absorbency
  • more expensive up front

I personally like to use a combination of the different styles and would highly recommend going for a mix of newborn or medium Easy Dry nappies and Easy One Size or One Size Options so you have the best of both worlds.

Night absorbency inserts can be added to all nappy types (excluding Newborn Easy Dry, when it isn't needed as you are changing throughout the night as well).
Mini boosters can also be added into any nappy, any time of day or night! 

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