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No folding, no pins, no soaking, no bleach, no leaks, no chemicals, no waste, no worries. Welcome to the world of modern cloth.

Why Cloth?

Because cloth is gentle on baby, on the pocket and on the earth; because this is the single biggest way you can reduce your global footprint; because they look incredibly cute!

Gentle on baby

I don't know about you, but my most comfortable undies are made from cloth, not plastic. The bamboo we use is a luxuriously soft fibre and very absorbent. This makes for a very trim fitting nappy with plenty of absorbency. It is free from the toxic chemicals often associated with disposable nappies and therefore much gentler on baby's skin. This is the exact reason that we here at Bambooty HQ first got into cloth. The difference in nappy rashes when using cloth compared to using disposables was huge! Disposables gave my children such bad nappy rash they had to spend hours every day nappy free. Once we tried cloth we nolonger had nappy rash to deal with. 

Gentle on the pocket

Cloth nappies may seem expensive at first but they pay for themselves in just a few months and save thousands of dollars over time. That's just with one baby! Our Sized nappies often for more than one baby, so handing them down increases savings dramatically.

Gentle on the earth

One baby can get through 5,000 disposable nappies before they are fully toilet trained and each of those nappies can take 500 years to decompose in landfill, while leaching yukky chemicals and releasing methane.

Or you can raise a child on cloth nappies, which you can reuse and recycle again and again and again.

So why Bamboo?

Bamboo is made using much less water than cotton and doesn't require any pesticides or herbicides, thereby reducing your environmental impact still further. Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton and a much more sustainable crop due to the speed that it grows at. In comparison to cotton crops, Bamboo crops are better for the soil, the yield (60 tonnes per hectare compared to 2 tonnes per hectare), bamboo contributes less CO2 and creates more oxygen per hectare, so much less water is used for bamboo crops vs cotton it is hard to put a figure on it! Compared to a polyester alternative, Bamboo fabrics decompose very quickly as they are made from natural plant cellulose. Polyester and nylon fabrics last for many many more years, hundreds perhaps!

Did we mention it is silky soft?

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