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Modern Cloth Nappy BASICS by Bambooty

Introducing modern cloth nappy BASICS!

A brand new cloth nappy brand, proudly brought to you by Bambooty. 

So what's different about them? 

1. The style 

2. The outer shell

3. The absorbency

4. The drying time

5. The options

6. The price

7. The colours! 


1. The Style

Modern cloth Nappy BASICS by Bambooty are snap in nappies. The Outer shell is water proof as usual, however instead of our usual All in One Style of nappy, these nappies are Snap in Nappies, meaning the absorbency can be simply snaped in, swapped over or changed separately. 


2. The Outer Shell

Deliciously soft and fluffy Minky nappies! The Minky is laminated with high quality breathable Polyurethane laminate as usual, only instead of our usually smooth outer PUL, these new Basics are gorgeously soft and fluffy! 


3. The Absorbency

These super trim nappies each come with a snap in booster for absorbency. These super long boosters made from 3 layers of super thirsty micro-fibre, are topped with suede-cloth for a stain resistant, stay dry protective layer and can be doubled or trippled towards the front for boys and/or tummy sleepers. 


4. The drying t

Drying time for these super fast drying nappies is just that, super fast! With no bamboo included in these absorbency boosters they will dry so super quickly you'll hardly believe it! Further, in the not too distant future, you can purchase more inserts for each whole nappy meaning if the shell drys faster for you, and you have spare inserts you can start using the shells earlier than the absorbency (helpful in winter with wet weeks). 


5. The options

Having the absorbency booster separate from the shells, if at change time the outer shell isn't soiled you can always just swap over the absorbency booster for a dry one and away you go! 

Further, these nappies also fit our EOS night time bamboo boosters into them as well. Giving you the option of using the 3 layered micro-fibre snap in boosters or the 3 layered super thirsty bamboo boosters. 

With both snap in insert options you can always add our smaller Plain bamboo boosters to all nappies at all times. 

For night times, you are likely to need both a microfibre snap in booster as well as the EOS Night time booster, 1 of these can be snaped in and the other simply folded underneath it within the nappy. 


6. The price 

As with all of the above options/modifications to our usual system, we have been listening to your feedback, asking questions and responding to your feedback. 

One of the key areas we know many of you are rather aware of is the upfront cost of using cloth nappies. So we have been working with our manufacturers to find a way to bring you great quality nappies you will love at a price you will also love! 

Our dear manufacturers have been left in an unfortunate position of being dumped with 1000s of meters of fabrics that was especially ordered for a customer who has left them in the lurch. In working closely with this family run business (as we have done for 6 years) we are able to bring you these great nappies at the fantastic launch price of $15 each! (We are still wondering how we are actually going to keep them at these prices, but we'll try! for the sake of our dear manufacturers and their employees, as well as all of you, who will hopefully love them!)


7. The colours

These super soft and fluffy nappies are available in 15 different colours! Which is your favourite? I can't choose just yet.


What's the same about them? 

1. The quality

2. Still fairly simple to use

3. Customer Service


1. The quality

At Bambooty we pride ourselves on our very high standards of quality. As we expect to buy top quality products in life, we also only wish to sell top quality products. Our new Basics nappies, while we have trimmed down the price we have not trimmed down the quality of the fabrics, nor the manufacturing expertise in making these great nappies for all of you!


2. Still fairly simple to use

Simplicity is another thing very important to us in our busy lives today. While our basics range is not quite as easy as our Easy range of nappies, once prepared our Basics are still very use! 


3. Customer Service

Our Basics range of nappies are still provided to you from the same fantastic members of the extended bambooty family. We are still always here to anwser your questions as quickly as we can, be it by email, facebook, responding to comments in blog posts or by phone, we will always do our very best to help you out. 


Stay tuned for launch offers and giveaways! or via our newsletters.

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