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How many Bambooty modern cloth nappies do I need?

Cloth nappies don’t have to be all or nothing, any cloth nappies used help save $, help landfill and keep chemicals away from your baby's bottom!

Did you know just 6 Bambooty Modern Cloth nappies  - 2 a day on the baby, 2 in the washing machine and 2 on the line (the other 4/5 changes in the day would be disposable) - saves over $350 and over 700 disposable nappies a year from landfill? 

6 Nappy Packages

From experience and feedback, for full time cloth nappy use – 

In the first few weeks a newborn baby needs changing 8 to10 (or more) times a day. Therefore we recommend 24 Bambooty nappies for full time use from day dot right through to potty training. This is based on enough nappies for roughly 3 days giving you time to wash and dry within the 3 days, to get the nappies back on again. Or - 8 each day in use on the baby, 8 in the washing machine and 8 drying on the line (roughly). 

Newborn Full time Nappy Package

As the baby grows and your baby establishes a routine you may need fewer Bambooty modern cloth nappies. Around 6 nappies a day, 5 Bambooty day time nappies and 1 a Bambooty night nappy. Therefore 18 nappies would provide 3 days of nappies and allow for 6 to be washed a day. Some people may choose to for example have more night nappies down the track, however 18 is a good place to start and see how you go.

Full time Nappy Packages 

Full time package

WARNING – cloth nappies can be addictive, Bambooty takes no responsibility for any addictions to patterns or styles that may result from seeing how cute your baby looks in our nappies ;-)

How many nappies do you have for full time use?

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