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Easy Dry versus Easy Peasy

Bambooty Modern Cloth Nappies - EASY DRY versus EASY PEASY – What’s the difference? 

The Easy Dry all in one Bambooty nappy - has two absorbent flaps which fold out so they spread on the line and are quicker to dry. They also have the following features -

  • Wriggle guards at the side for leak protection,
  • A choice of which flap to use on top (i.e. man made feel dry fiber – the whiter one, or natural bamboo – the creamy coloured one).
  • The option to customize absorbency - One flap can be folded towards the front to provide extra absorbency for boys or tummy sleepers 

The Easy Peasy all in one Bambooty nappy - has the absorbent layers sewn inside the nappy, similar to a disposable nappy. Easy Peasy nappies are slightly easier to use than Easy Dry, but take longer to dry. 


Have you tried Easy Dry AND Easy Peasy cloth nappies? Which do you prefer Easy Dry or Easy Peasy?

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