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Mini Bamboo Boosters

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  • 3 layers of thick bamboo and organic cotton overlocked together add extra absorbency.
  • approximately 20cm by 8cm
  • use for adding absorbency, or to help the nappies fit earlier on if the size is slightly large
  • simply place the booster where it is needed, eg - tummy sleepers need more absorbency towards the front, so place the booster accordingly
  • small enough to add absorbency to any modern cloth/reusable nappy
  • $4.99 each or $4.50 for 10 or more
  • please note for the time being, mini boosters come with snaps on them, it does not matter if your nappy does not have snaps for them, they can still be placed in any nappy, anywhere, at any time. If you have One size Options nappies, this is great news for you :)

To make any nappy last longer!

YES! This does include disposable nappies too. Although, we suggest our night inserts for night time boosting to disposables For longer lasting boosting. 



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