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Clearance Seat Protectors - Reversible

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  • Car seat protectors by Bambooty
  • Minky top either side for a super soft seat
  • Laminated for water proofing
  • Velcro openings around seat belts for a secure fit
  • buckle barrier for extra protection
  • hidden absorbency for larger spills or accidents
  • Printed side for no abosrbency (fast dry for small spills of water etc)
  • White side has hidden absorbency for extra protection during toilet training stages
  • Useful for all sorts of places! Pram, Car seat, High chair, Rocker etc etc
  • RRP  $30
  • Clearance Prints $15 each!
  • Clearance White $5!!! 


PLEASE NOTE - Clearance products do not meet our high standards of quality control for one reason or another.

All products should still function as originally intended, although they may not last as long as our regular products.

Problems with clearance items may include

  • display stock from shows
  • excess stock over ordered
  • dirty mark on the product somewhere
  • easy dry nappies might be missing their Wet-bag packaging
  • printing error/smudge
  • discontinued style/old stock after product updates
  • stitching not quite perfect*
  • Snap colour incorrect
  • Clearance stock is strictly available while stocks last and do not include any warranties.

* if the stitching comes undone on your clearance products, it should be very simple to quickly hand stitch back into place. Please feel free to ask any questions if you are concerned how to go about it when the water proofing (Minky or smooth PUL) is involved. We will not be responsible for any damage to the products once they are dispatched from our warehouse. 

Unfortunately we are unable to answer individual questions about what might be a fault in the product you purchase. We simply do not have the resources to cover all these questions. The prices are reduced to cover anything wrong with the products in the first place and it is just the luck of the draw as to the fault (or lack of faults when it is simply a display product or discontinued print etc).

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