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Clearance No Nappies - X Large

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  • Bamboo velour absorbency - silky soft
  • Waterproof PUL outer fabric - essential!
  • gentle, elasticised leg cuffs for comfort and leak protection - fantastic fit!
  • large elastic waist and side panels for ease of use - just pull up and down
  • easily add more absorbency (mini or night boosters) if necessary
  • Available in a range of print options, let them choose which ones they like 
  • Its all part of making it fun for them and helping them feel proud of themselves!

Clearance prices are - 

Medium $12.50

Large $13.50

X Large $14.99


  • Available in 3 sizes. Please see a rough guide below for size ranges. 
  • PLEASE NOTE - as with anything size related - chubbiness is a key factor in getting the perfect fit and seal!
  • Please ensure a good seal for maximum mess containment ;)
  1.  Medium 6 kg - 14 kg  - (perfect for ECing and early training/tiny bubs)
  2.  Large 10 kg - 18 kg  - (most popular size for regular potty training)
  3.  Extra large 15 kg - 24 kg - (super delicious thighs and extra space for night boosting or older use still, just in case)
These are not designed to replace a day or night time nappy, however they do a great job of containing small accidents giving you time to head to the bathroom more discretely to clean up. Also we do have customers successfully using them over night with a night booster added in between the absorbency and the waterproof shell. 
The sizing ranges are so large and overlapping due to the elastic nature of the design. The only reason to upsize is if you want space for adding in extra absorbency. My slender nearly 7yr old still fits into the size XL without night boosting.

Print and Cotton cuff colours

  • White cuffs
  1. White
  2. Wattle Babies
  3. Gum Tree Cockatoos
  4. Melon Madness
  5. Hibiscus
  6. Green Stripes (Currently in clearance due to Navy Cuffs, not White cuffs)
  7. Latte Stripes
  8. Nee Naw
  • Navy Cuffs
  1. Baby Blue Birds
  2. Protea
  3. Sail Away
  4. Cranky crocs
  5. Safari
  6. Troppo
  7. Navy Stripes
  8. Green Stripes

Tip - To add more absorbency (if needed), we suggest mini boosters or night boosters. Alternatively anything you already have that fits inside! Place the extra absorbency in the area that it is needed, in between the shell and the absorbency flap. Most often it is likely to be needed in the centre or towards the front of the pants. 

Tip - These are particularly good for "ECing" as they get older. We have naturally done "ECing" part time for all 3 of our children in varying degrees. All of them were out of nappies day and night by 2 years of age with varying ages of day or night time dryness. From my experience, combining cloth nappies with part time "ECing" and some no nappies makes the entire nappying and moving away from nappies experience the easiest it can be with modern busy lives! We also used Swim nappies for swimming of course, essential with some children, not so essential with others. Our super popular Swim nappies also make a great back up for training pants if you run out of your no nappies. 


PLEASE NOTE - Clearance products do not meet our high standards of quality control for one reason or another.

All products should still function as originally intended.

Problems with clearance items may include

  • display stock from shows
  • excess stock over ordered
  • dirty mark on the product somewhere
  • easy dry nappies might be missing their Wet-bag packaging
  • printing error or smudge
  • discontinued style/old stock after product updates
  • stitching not quite perfect*
  • Clearance stock is strictly available while stocks last and do not include any warranties,
  • no refunds or exchanges accepted on clearance items, we doubt you'll want to though ;) especially at these prices! 

* if the stitching comes undone on your clearance products, it should be very simple to quickly hand stitch back into place. Please feel free to ask any questions if you are concerned how to go about it when the water proofing (Minky PUL) is involved. We will not be responsible for any damage to the products once they are dispatched from our warehouse. 

Unfortunately we are unable to answer individual questions about what might be a fault in the product you purchase. We simply do not have the resources to cover all these questions. The prices are reduced to cover anything wrong with the products in the first place and it is just the luck of the draw as to the fault (or lack of faults when it is simply a display product or discontinued print etc).

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