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Bamboo Insert / Boosters - Clearance

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RRP - $9.99

Clearance price bamboo - $5 each 

  • 3 layers of thick bamboo absorbency 
  • suede cloth topped for a stain resistant, stay dry layer
  • these are our Basics or Options SIB in Bamboo
  • also perfect to add extra absorbency to our Easy One Size Nappies if yours are wearing out
  • tip - these are double the length of sewn in absorbency flaps, simply double them over or even triple towards the front
  • simply place the booster where it is needed, eg - tummy sleepers need more absorbency towards the front, so place the booster accordingly
  • these can be used with out using the snaps too, perfect for adding into a day nappy for night time, or even adding into a night nappy for a super heavy wetter


PLEASE NOTE - Clearance products do not meet our high standards of quality control for one reason or another.

All products should still function as originally intended, although they may not last as long as our regular products.

Problems with clearance items may include

  • display stock from shows
  • excess stock over ordered
  • dirty mark on the product somewhere
  • easy dry nappies might be missing their Wet-bag packaging
  • printing error/smudge
  • discontinued style/old stock after product updates
  • stitching not quite perfect*
  • Snap colour incorrect or may break faster than usual
  • Clearance stock is strictly available while stocks last 
  • and do not include any warranties and is therefore priced accordingly

Perfect for our BASICS, One Size Options or Easy One Size nappies or to simply boost any nappy at all, just without using the snaps :)


add absorbency to any nappy they fit in (Most pocket OSFM should fit these just fine)

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