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Old favourite Special Offers back online!

With new optional extras or nappy options :D

Bambooty Small Wet-Bags

These are the same size as our Medium and Large Easy Dry wet-bags

Bambooty large Wet-bag for out and about with modern cloth nappies, or anything really!


Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview

  • small wet bags are handy for all sorts of things, the list is endless!
  • perfect for your Booby Days or Nights at home or out and about
  • nappies of course! 
  • bambooty velour wipes
  • mama pads or cups if that's your thing
  • perfect for millions of things, phone at the beach, damp swim wear, a spare change of clothes or knickers when potty training, tech gear in your hand bag, toiletries when traveling, spare undies or training pants, etc etc etc
  • These wet-bags are loved for their convenience and practicality! Not to mention fun/gorgeous/chic prints
  • Approximately 19cm by 23cm


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How many uses can you find for your Bambooty Wet-Bag?



5 out of 5 stars by Ellen

A nappy bag essential

I use my small wet bags to store cloth nappies in my nappy bag, then replace the clean nappy (when I use it) with the dirty one. They don't leak, and actually contain smells. What is so great about these bags is they are small so don't take up lots of room, and you put individual nappies in them so they make changing out and about simple and easy. I keep a couple in my bag to store my sons wet undies when accidents happen while we are out. Also good to put small items through the wash in them.

5 out of 5 stars by Cassie

What every Mum needs

We love this wet bag it's as its so versatile! We currently have 4 of these and use them for everything! Obviously get to store clean and dirty nappies but we also use them for after swimming lessons, for spare sets of clothes in the daycare bag and to store a spare set of everything in the car glovebox of those emergency situations!


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