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Old favourite Special Offers back online!

With new optional extras or nappy options :D

Smooth white - Booby Days or Booby Nights - Nursing Pads

nursing mums in action, clothes and baby saved from milk leaks by silky soft

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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

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  • bambooty nursing pads for breast feeding mums are topped with luxuriously soft bamboo and organic cotton velour for sensitive skin
  • backed with breathable PUL for milk proofing with smooth or minky backing
  • available in 3 layers called Booby Days or 4 layers called, Booby Nights
  • purchase as a pair for $7.99 or 6 pairs for $29.99 to make life easier
  • we suggest a minimum of 6 pairs to start with, depending on your let down you may well need more
  • beautifully tied up in bundles of 6 pairs
  • these gorgeously soft nursing pads were a finalist in the Mother and Baby Awards, for Mummy cult product! 
  • MORE bambooty nursing pads available in White Minky, Printed Minky or Printed Smooth HERE

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The only way to understand the silkiness of these divine nursing pads is to feel them!

  • The perfect gift - an essential bit of luxury for every new mum with friends in the know ;)
  • especially as they are now available in a gorgeous range of prints! Just for fun.
  • WARNING - once you've tried these, it is very hard to use anything else!
  • if you mix up day and night boobies within your 6 pairs we can not guarantee they will arrive as beautifully tied up as in the image here
  • Any questions, please dont hesitate to ask [email protected]


5 out of 5 stars by Kelsey

Soft & luxurious

I used the Bambooty Booby Nights for my first daughter and are now using them again for my second baby. They are so lovely especially this time as my little one doesn’t feed so good and leaves me sore. The soft texture of these pads compared to disposable ones can’t even be described other than heaven. So glad I had my stash! It’s a must for all new mums.

5 out of 5 stars by Amy

Love these

These are great reusable night breast pads. They're the first I've used after scratchy disposables but so happy with how absorbent and soft they are. Easy to wash too

5 out of 5 stars by Michelle

Sooo soft

I already had some (other brand) reusable nursing pads, but took Bambooty up on their sample offer earlier in the year. I'm absolutely loving the booby days I received and am appreciating their softness. After just starting to nurse our son, I always reach for the booby days over my other brand pads. They never stick to my dry, sore nipples, instead peel away so smoothly. And now my milk supply has kicked in, they whisk away those leaks and keep me feeling dry between feeds. Very satisfied!

5 out of 5 stars by Monique

Only ones I'll use

I received a pair of these as a sample. After trying all the disposable nursing pad samples I had been given, I tried these and will never look back. Put simply, they just work! They sit where they need to whether you have them in your bra or while you are feeding (yes they catch dribble and let-down). They feel better because they are not made of plastic. And literally no extra effort to clean. Gonna buy for all my pregnant friends in future.

5 out of 5 stars by Kristy

The best absorbent breast pads

These are so well made and absorbent. I have a large let down and leak a lot and these stand up to the job. They've lasted through our first child and are on to our second too. I do not hesitate to recommend these to anyone looking for the best breast pads.

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