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Easy One Size - OSFM

Easy One Size - OSFM

Product Review (submitted on 18 November 2016):
We've been using the OSFM nappies since bub was a newborn. Now at 21 months, the nappies are still fitting perfectly - they truly do adjust to fit bub at every size (so far!).
They are far more economical than buying disposables, and cleaning is a breeze - I simply wash a bucket load every second day. People moan at me about all the extra washing, but it's really easy and not time consuming at all! They don't need to be bleached, scrubbed or pre-washed; just bung them in the machine and hang them on the line!
(Hint: I use a little diluted vinegar with a couple of drops of eucalyptus & lavender in the final wash to help neutralize the poo smell).