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Old favourite Special Offers back online!

With new optional extras or nappy options :D

A rainbow of colourful bottoms, just $275! RRP$403.65

10 OSFM All in 2 Minky Snap-in Nappies for Part-Time Cloth Nappy use - Pre-order yours now

Discounted bulk package, OSFM All in One nappies by Bambooty

Special Price: $275.05

Was: $403.65

Availability: In stock

1 x BASICS-Watermelon (Red)   +$0.00
1 x MCN BASICS-Ice Cream   +$0.00
1 x BASICS-Lily White   +$0.00
4 x Mini Bamboo Boosters   +$0.00
10 x Bamboo Snap in Insert / Boosters   +$0.00
10 x Bamboo Snap in Insert / Boosters   +$2.50

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Availability: In stock

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Quick Overview

Pre-order now for October despatch

    Bamboo upgrade on all 10 nappies for just $25! (Currently Not optional due to no microfibre stock)


    Tips - 

    Mini Bamboo Boosters can make the nappies last longer during the day or night. Simply add in between the microfibre or bamboo folds, lay on top or completely underneath.

    Position the boosters to where they are needed. eg: tummy sleepers need more absorbency towards the front. 

    To use the BASICS Snap-in Insert/Boosters in Bamboo for greater absorbency at night time, simply fold them underneath the BASICS nappy's own insert, ignoring the snaps. Alternatively the Night Boosters are slightly narrower which can give a better fit for doubling up at night time. Place them ontop or underneath the snaped in insert. Bamboo next to the skin can be a healthier option and has a reputation for helping with potty training.

    They can also be used as an alternative to the BASICS nappy's own insert once it is dirty. Simply snap it in to the nappy, either immediately or after washing the shell, which will dry much quicker than the insert. This will make this package adequate for full time use. 

    Once the nappy is on, check there is a good fit around the seal of the legs, by running your finger around the edge, pushing the nappy up as high as possible towards the hip joint/knickers line. At the same time make sure all the absorbency is tucked into the nappy to ensure no wicking. 

    Being OSFM nappies, these nappies fit from the newborn stage until potty training. While fit will vary from baby to baby, they often fit from 3kgs up to 22kgs. The key to a good fit in the beginning is getting the legs to fit properly. The cross over tabs can be used crossing them right over as far as possible with only 1 snap done up on the left side if necessary.


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    Before using your new Easy nappies by bambooty please prewash to remove any manufacturing residues. Also soaking the nappies in water overnight seems to help build up the absorbency in the nappies. Keep in mind that bamboo takes up to 8 washes to maximise its absorbency. We do not suggest that all 8 need be done prior to using the nappies, however please keep this in mind. 

    After use

    Keep nappies in a dry lidded nappy bucket until a load for washing has accumulated. There is no need for dangerous buckets of water full of chemicals around the house.

    Wet nappies can be placed straight in the dry bucket although saturating them with a nappy/toilet sprayer/bidet or under the tap will increase the longevity of your nappies as wee is very acidic (actually alkaline, but has an acidic affect on fabrics) and will wear the fabrics and elastic faster.*

    Soiled nappies are very similar. Simply dispose of your nappy liner if using one, tip rolling poos straight into the loo or rinse off the poo by using a toilet/nappy sprayer/bidet or tap water, and saturate before placing in your lidded nappy bucket.


    Washing is easy.

    • Throw in some powdered detergent (don't over do it to start with, less is more for your pocket and the environment, do add more though if you need to)
    • Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, or vinegar
    • Do not use products containing enzymes
    • Pre-rinse, particularly soiled nappies
    • Suede cloth is stain resistant and any residing stains are best treated by the sun only
    • Tip – baking soda increases pH, neutralises odours and breaks down residues which may be causing leaks and unwanted smells. Use it ocassionally in the wash, in the dry nappy bucket, or as a separate wash for nappies with a residual stink, if needs be. Regular use may lead to a shortened life span of your nappies.


    The sun is the best, however if drying nappies in the sun is not possible gas or electric dryers can be used. Gas dryers are faster and cost less to run.

    Notes and Pointers

    Bambooty nappies are designed to be used in a rotation of 18-24 nappies lasting you roughly 3 days. Therefore we are presuming you are washing your nappies every 1-2 days so that of course they will be dry and ready to use again on day 4.

    * Varying wee concentrations will have different impacts on the nappies. Urine PH increases in alkalinity the longer it is left which has an acidic impact on the nautral fabrics, possibly wearing them out faster than you or I would like. This is what we call the worst case scenario in terms of the nappy's lifespan. As described above, saturating the nappies will increase the longevity of the nappies, by diluting the wee until they are washed every other day.

    If this worst case scenario happens to you, please do not worry, all you need to do is add more absorbency to have a fully functioning nappy again. This can be done by adding in our minil bamboo boosters or any of our snap in boosters or of course it is possible to simply stich in more bamboo fabric onto the absorbency flaps where they have worn thin. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. [email protected] or [email protected]

    Please note - our cleaning/care instructions take into consideration balancing,

    1. Cleaning the nappies

    2. Keeping unnecessary chemicals away from the babies skin where they could be absorbed by the baby

    3. The impact the cleaning and any detergents or chemicals have on our environment, including having them in your home

    4. Meeting or exceeding Standards Australia's care instruction requirements

    At Bambooty we always strive to provide you with the best products, information and advice or help we possibly can. We are currently working with our very own Dr. Rebecca Gehling (Qualifications: BForensicSci (Hons) PhD (Deakin University) currently working as an Environmental and Analytical Chemist) to further investigate our cleaning instructions to ensure they remain the best we can provide you.

    As with all our washing needs (t-shirts, jeans, towels etc) indiviual washing routines will vary from 1 household/baby to another. Different concentrations of wee and poo, how long the nappies are left for before being washed, whether they are rinsed first, the type of water, the sensitivity of the baby's skin, whether you want to put stain removal above chemical free cleaning or not, how much sun light/UV rays are available to you in drying, etc etc etc. If you

    Australia only - We have always recommended using Eco Store as our suggested washing powder when asked. We feel Eco Store aligns to our goals, of cleaning, whilst remaining healthy on the baby's skin and the environment and have been happily using their products for many years now on both MCNs and all our washing. We have eczema in the family and have found Eco store to be gentle on all skin types. It was recommended to us by Eco Store to use half strength detergent for especially sensitive skin, please adjust your dosage based on your own trial and errors.  (Hopefully EcoStore will be available in the UK sometime soon!)

    For more information on washing powder quantities look here*

    *Please note, this post is not designed to advise anyone on what to do or not to do. 

    It is to suggest people question what advice they are given and make their own decisions! Question everything including us! We aren't in your home, we don't know each individual situation. Nor does anyone else. Trust yourself. 

    If you aren't happy with the washing results you are getting, then alter things. Some suggestions include, a longer wash, a soak in the wash cycle, adding some more detergent, trying a different detergent, rinsing asap after changing if you weren't already. 

    Whilst most detergents (excluding fabric softners and bleach) are unlikely to do any harm to your nappies, please do thorough research about the ingredients in your chosen washing powder, search for the pros AND cons of a substance, question whether you want those particular chemicals in your home or on the clothing you wear every day and night! Particularly in the warm moist environment of a nappy. Whilst most of the detergent will be rinsed off, not all of it will be as they can cause some allergies to some people, as well as leaving behind a smell. Further, what impact are those chemicals having on the environment?! 

    Is the qty advised on the package relevant to you? Are they suggesting 1 quantiy for everyone? Does it take into account the size of your washing machine or the effectiveness of its ability to clean your garments without any washing powder at all?! Do they know if you are drying in the sun or in a dryer? Do they know if you rinsed your garments before washing? Do they perhaps need to provide advice for a worst case or unknown scenario? Are they honest?! ;)

    Please everyone, use your common sense, do your own research into what can be harmful to you, your children, the environment and be comfortable with your own trial and error to learn! This is what I would call and common sense approach to life in general.